We Empower Homes & Healthcare Facilities with Care products of the Future

Easy Drain Care Products designs, engineers and delivers the next generation in beds and mattresses, and other health-oriented products, to provide the utmost comfort and care for bed-ridden clients. Recognized by healthcare facilities and, private clients alike, customers may trust Easy Drain to care for your loved one.
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Our History

Easy Drain Care Products has a long and rich history in healthcare and in the innovation of health care devices around the globe.
Headquartered in Dallas/Ft. Worth – our staff of dedicated professionals will provide you with the best solution to your loved one’s long-term, bed rest and healthcare needs.
With over 75 years of medical and health care experience Easy Drain Care Products developed health care products with medical staff and patient’s needs first and foremost.
Easy Drain saw the needs of patients with prolonged bed rest. They had specific incontinence, health and comfort issues. Easy Drain innovated its products to meet those medical needs.
Partner with us as we change healthcare around the globe – Easy Drain innovates the Care Products of the Future, Today!

Our Mission

Easy Drain Care Products aims at providing the highest-quality healthcare products in the health care industry today. 

Our Vision

To be a  viable, vibrant, and robust company spanning the globe and reaching into new markets and new customers.


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