A portable toileting cushion and reservoir tank
for users who are nonambulatory and/or suffer
from urinary incontinence.

Provides a way for users to relieve themselves
when they cannot get to a bathroom due to
physical limitation or one is not available.
Can be placed on chairs, sofas, wheelchairs, or

car seats to provide a convenient, clean, and
comfortable surface for going to the bathroom.

Easy Drain Care Cushion Side view
Easy Drain Care Cushion Side view

Easy Drain | Feature Overview

The Easy Drain [Universal Cushion] allows the user to be
in control of when to relieve themselves without relying
on or waiting for a caregiver to assist them.

Easy Drain is a plastic basin with a vinyl-covered
cushioned top and front and center
drains for directing urine into the reservoir.

Easy Drain | Fluid Containment

One-Way Valves prevent fluids from splashing
back onto the user, from spilling out of the
reservoir, and allows for leak-free transportation.
The cushioned lid is removable for the cleaning basin.

Disposable Absorbent Lining can be placed over
the top of the cushion and easily replaced after
use. Help reduce irritation on the skin and makes
cleaning the patient/user easier

Easy Drain | Feature Details

Easy Drain [Universal Cushion] is
lightweight and easily transportable.

Fluid levels can be observed on the
side of the basin, and drained out
the back when full.

Easy Drain | Multiple Applications

Non-slip bottom prevents cushion
from moving around when placed on
a slippery surface.

Velcro straps in the back can be used
to secure the toileting cushion to the
back of a chair or wheelchair frame.

Other applications:
• For cross-country truck drivers
• In cars during long road trips with children
• When a restroom is not available or too
filthy to use

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