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Easy Drain For The Home

Comfort and Care for Your Loved One

As the general population continues to age, many of those who require ongoing care and are bed-ridden due to serious illness, will want to do so in the comfort of their home. These clients, who do not necessarily want to go to hospital, will need bed rest for prolonged periods of time.

Home health professionals also appreciate what Easy Drain beds and mattresses do for their clients. Easy Drain products helps these professionals do their job quickly and more safely by providing a more hygienic method of disposing of their client’s urine and fecal matter.

The healthcare professional is there for their clients, Easy Drain is there to take care of – both of the caregiver and client. -weather in Dallas, TX  or international cities around the globe.

Beds are Strong and Sturdy

Easy Drain beds are sturdy, solid and manufactured with the highest quality materials.

Utmost Customer Service

Easy Drain professionals will train and lead the home health professional in the operation and care of their client’s bed and mattress.

Not an Ordinary Hospital Bed

Our Mattress is uniquely different from any mattress in the industry. It collects and disposes of waste – safely, hygienically and cleanly.

Our Products For The Home

Home health professionals appreciate what Easy Drain beds and mattresses do for their clients.

  • Easy Drain Mattresses
  • Easy Drain Mattress Cover
  • Easy Drain Cushion
  • Easy Drain Underwear
  • Easy Drain Beds

Easy Drain Beds & Mattresses Are Ideal For clients with Incontinence Issues

Easy Drain Care Products helps these clients with incontinence issues and other health related problems – whether in Dallas, TX or around the world – regain their confidence and independence at home. Easy Drain beds and mattresses helps clients who may have incontinence or other health issues remain comfortably in their bed and not worry about embarrassing leaks or accidents.

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