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The EDCP Team

Letter from our President

Some years ago, I was working as a health care provider. You could say I was on the frontlines of delivering health-care services to patients in need. At that time, I was caring for a very sick patient in their home. I would care for her during the day and at night I would leave.

Upon my return the next day, I would find her still in her bed, unmoved, soiled and a bit worse than the day before. These patients who need long-term care deserve the respect and dignity like any other person. This is when I realized that something had to change.

I created and designed the Easy Drain line of beds and mattresses to not only provide this dignity to bed-ridden patients, and to provide health care givers the means to care for their patients in a safe and hygienic manner. I was concerned for their health and wellness.

Easy Drain Care Products was born.

Easy Drain beds and mattresses, located in Dallas, TX, are unlike anything you will find in the market today. Easy Drain medical products makes it possible for patients with incontinence issues to remain in their beds with absolute comfort and confidence that they will remain dry and free of urine or fecal matter.

As you review our health care offerings, we hope you will see how Easy Drain Care Products are superior to ordinary hospital beds and prefabricated beds and mattresses.

Easy Drain addresses the real medical issues facing patients who require prolonged stays in hospital or bed rest at home. Our beds and medical products restore the dignity of every patient and provide confidence to health care providers as well.

I would like to thank my family, supporters and friends who believe in me and our Easy Drain journey – and Thank you to those who have stood with us, even during difficult times. Our journey has just begun, and we invite you to join us at Easy Drain and to continue with us on this great journey.

With kindest regards,

Ezra Nyankira

Meet the Team

Mr. Ezra M. Nyankira

President and Owner
Interim C.E.O

Mr.Vinny Biscotto

Vice President and Head of Sales, US

Malcolm Nyankira

Global Logistics & Distributions Manager

Mr. Charles Matoke

Head of Operations, US & Africa

Mr. Evans Angwenyi

Marketing Assistant

Ms. Stella G. Oigo

Head of Logistics and Operations

Mr. Denis Nyamwega

Executive Assistant

Mr. Sylvester Oluoch

Web developer consultant

Mr. Vincent Momanyi

Welcome, Board of Advisors!


Mr. Bill Akuma

Health Care Administrator

Mr. Dennis Berquist,

Founder of Berquist Foundation

Ms. Rachel Blue

Registered Nurse


Mr. Wes Brown

Architectural Engineer


Mr Eli Hernández

President/Owner, TGC Marketing

Ms. Michelle Cook

Visionary and Chief Executive Officer for CharBoe Legacy Group, LLC

Ms. Jennifer Ochieng

Head of Epidemiology

Mr. Joshua Bessinger

Owner, White Owl Creative

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Mr. Ezra M. Nyankira

President and Owner

Ezra is President and Owner of Easy Drain Care Products, an international and recognized leader in the innovation, manufacturing and distribution of medically-oriented products. He is a Kenyan native and has over 25 years of experience in the health care industry. Mr. Nyankira graduated from Minneapolis community college in 1997 with AAS , Anoka Hennepin Technical college in 2001 diploma in nursing as LVN and later earned BA from Metropolitan State University. Ezra has worked as a nursing assistant and LVN in various healthcare settings. He is an entrepreneur , owned various staffing agencies in MN including Basic Nursing Services, Essential Nursing Services and Twin Cities Nursing Services and also the founder of Green Jungle Family Centers in Apple Valley MN.

Mr. Vinny

Vinny Biscotto is a highly motivated sales professional with about 20 years of experience working in deadline driven environments – Not only is he adaptable to shifting demands and timelines by utilizing his analytical and problem-solving capabilities, but he’s also a self-starter who is committed to achieving personal and company goals with a strong sense of ownership and follow-through.

Mr. Malcolm Nyankira

Vice President & Head of Sales - USA

Malcolm is Vice President and Head of Sales, US, for Easy Drain Care Products. Mr. Nyankira leads the national sales team and ensures the team has the tools and resources required to ensure success and growth. Malcolm’s sales experience spans many years and industries including – Life insurance and Network Marketing. In life insurance Malcolm sold a multitude of solutions, and in Network Marketing he built teams through cooperative efforts with his peers.

Mr. Charles Matoke

Global Logistics & Distributions Manager

Charles Matoke is Global Logistics and Distributions Manager for Easy Drain Care Products. Mr. Matoke has international experience in supply and logistics with a number of global enterprises. 

Mr. Evans Angwenyi

Head of Operations - USA & Africa

Evans is Vice President and Head of Operations and New Markets for Easy Drain Care Products, USA and Africa. He has a wealth of experience in healthcare – he has worked in the medical field for over 10 years – including rehab centers and acute care facilities. Additionally, he is an experienced insurance agent and owner at Wb insurance agency. At EDCP, Evans heads African operations and new markets.

Ms. Stella G. Oigo

Marketing Assistant

Stella Oigo is a Television Producer who has worked in various local and international Stations for 15 years. Including Kenya Broadcasting Corporation, K24, DW. During her tenure in these stations she was part of the team that sold airtime with astounding success in generating revenues. She currently serves as a training assistant on the AFP, a programme by the Media Project. Stella takes the position of Marketing Assistant at EDCP.

Mr. Denis Nyamwega

Head of Logistics and Operations

Denis is Head of Logistics and Operations, Easy Drain Care Products, USA. He has over 10 years experience in health care. He has worked in hospitals, assisted living facilities, nursing home facilities and home health. Denis holds a BS in Psychology from University of Texas in Tyler. Denis has since worked in Insurance and Logistics. Denis joins EDCP in operations for assembly and technical support.

Mr. Sylvester Oluoch

Executive Assistant

Sylvester is Executive Assistant and Office Manager to the President, Easy Drain Care Products. He has worked in the banking industry in Africa for seven years – in Tax and Finance consultancy and Logistics. Sylvester will be in charge of business strategy at EDCP. Sylvester holds a BS in Accounting from Kenyatta University and an MBA in Administration and Management from Columbia College.

Mr. Vincent Momanyi

Web developer and design consultant

Vincent Momanyi is Web developer and design consultant to the President, Easy Drain Care Products. He has worked in the security industry in correctional facilities, Studies in American Military University, Information Technology,BS.