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Why Easy Drain Beds & Mattresses

One of the critical issues relating to a bed ridden client is the lack of mobility on the part of client– they may stay in their bed for long periods of time. Incontinence is a distressing problem to endure – and especially when confined to a bed, the issue is magnified.

Not only is incontinence a serious health issue for the client but, can also be a burden for healthcare staff as well as health home workers in private homes. Rudimentary solutions such as bedpans, catheters are often used for such clients, yet some clients may not have control over their need to discharge urine or fecal matter.

Easy Drain Care Products, based in Dallas, TX, has engineered a line of special beds and mattresses as innovative solutions to care for such clients. These unique beds will address the incontinence issues of clients whether in hospital or in the home.

The bed frames are made of the highest-quality materials – they are solidly built, strong and sturdy. The Easy Drain special mattress is an air-filled, foam or spring mattress which is comfortable for the client while allowing urine and fecal matter to drain through the mattress – this keeps the client dry and comfortable.

Some Benefits of the Easy Drain Bed and Mattress:

  • Improves hygiene of bed-ridden clients
  • Saves time, energy and money
  • Ideal for healthcare facilities and homes alike
  • Eliminates pooling of fluids
  • Inexpensive solution to incontinence issues
  • Waterproof and easily cleaned

Easy Drain Beds and Mattress Features:

  • Beds are either manual, semi-electric or fully electric
  • Center section of mattress is removable
  • Collects urine and fecal matter in easy to empty collection tank
  • Strategically located drain tubes in center of mattress
  • Mattress can be either- air-inflatable, foam or spring
  • Drains through bottom of bed through collection funnel to holding tank
  • Egg crate surface in center section prevents pooling of fluids

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Please download our Easy Drain mechanical bed and mattress brochure for a more complete description of our different kind of beds and mattresses.

Easy Drain Bed & Mattress

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